Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Megan The Pet Whisperer - Pamela Foland

Megan, the Pet Whisperer is the latest installment in the Megan’s World series written by Pamela Foland. I haven’t read any of the previous two books but I’m always on the lookout for interesting reads that will help pave the way for developing a love of reading in youngsters, so I decided to try this book out. Written for children from grades 4-6, this is a nice little book that is the perfect length for children moving on to chapter books. At only one hundred and twenty pages, it has a good interest level and chapter length to ensure that a child doesn’t become frustrated and they will have a sense of success and completion upon finishing the entire book.
                The story is about Megan, a little girl with a keen love of animals and a desire to nurse them back to health. In previous books, she rescued and is currently raising four kittens and this story continues here, with the “munchkins” needing more of Megan’s time as she tries to start a pet sitting business. She also starts looking after a monkey in the vet’s office and must try to manage all of these things while still doing the things that a young lady wants to do. It’s these sorts of struggles that make Megan a believable and realistic character. They aren’t life and death decisions but at Megan’s age, it certainly seems so to her. She is also discovering which direction she may want to take in her future, career wise. She has a definite knack for calming down upset pets and her quiet and gentle demeanor seems to work not only on the animals but also on their owners. I loved the character of Megan and her positive attitude sets a good example for those reading the story. It was also nice to read a story where the adults surrounding Megan were supportive of her goals.
                This is a book that I would feel very comfortable giving to a ten-year-old to read and know that not only will they learn from the level of reading but from the story itself. I would recommend Megan, the Pet Whisperer to any blooming young reader.
                I read this in digital format on my ereader and it translated perfectly. The cover portrays the story well and would draw the attention of the intended age group.


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