Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sonny from Outer Space - Pamela Foland

                Sonny from Outer Space is the third children’s book written by Pamela Foland that I have read and reviewed. The other two were a part of the Megan’s World Series and I enjoyed those quite a bit. This is the first younger children’s book from Ms. Foland that I’ve read and I found it to be really sweet and well written.
                The story is about a little alien named Zonny who offers to go to Earth to get more provisions for his “people”. He decides to take the form of a dog and names himself Sonny. He finds a little girl, aptly named Pamela, who takes him into her home to live with her and her other two dogs.
                This is a really cute little book with bright and colourful illustrations. They do seem a little different from those in other children’s books but I think they are of a different style than what I am used to seeing. There are some nice little lessons in the story as well, something that seems to be a signature of Pamela Foland’s books. The character of Pamela is a pleasant, kind and polite little girl. She is a good representation of how we all would like our children to be and I like how Ms. Foland has this character model positive behaviours. Pamela’s love for animals, both the character and the author, is very evident by the way the story plays out. Little Pamela is a very responsible and considerate pet owner and treats her dogs with love, something that children reading the book will hopefully pick up on and practice in their own lives. The ending is really sweet as well and I hope this book will lead to future adventures with Zonny and Pamela.
                There is one minor editing error with the illustrations that show Sonny’s collar. His name appears as Sony, not Sonny. This isn’t a huge problem but older children may pick up on it. I read this on my ereader and the text and illustrations formatted to my ereader perfectly. The cover is well drawn and will draw the attention of little ones.

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