Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hope For Garbage - Alex Tully

                Trevor has had his fair share of tragedies in his young life so it’s no wonder he finds solace in The Box, his uncle’s garage, where he fixes up items he has found in the trash and then donates them to people in need. With above average intelligence, poor self-esteem and lack of money, Trevor’s life isn’t easy, but then he meets Bea. Bea is pretty, smart and rich but she has her own problems, mainly two parents who don’t care about her or each other. Trevor and Bea form a beautiful relationship but then something happens that rips everyone’s lives apart and changes things forever. Hope For Garbage is a good read and would be of particular interest to teenage girls. It has a good looking guy, a pretty girl and romance, everything most girls look for in a story. It is an easy read and fairly fast to get through. The story is entertaining enough that it keeps the reader from wanting to put the book down.  The characters are believable as is the dialogue, something not always achieved by young adult authors. It is in digital format as well as paperback. I read digital and it formatted well to my ereader. The cover caught my eye and the book is well worth reading.

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