Friday, 15 May 2015

A Sticky Business and Other Short Stories - Mel King

                A Sticky Business and Short Stories raises the age-old question about why, if God exists, do good people often get treated horribly and bad people end up successful. To study this question, the author uses fictional characters and a factual event, that of the molasses disaster in 1919 where a huge vat of molasses in Boston basically exploded, injuring and killing many citizens. I had never heard of this tragedy so I found reading about it to be very interesting. Mr. King gives a realistic voice to all of the characters and I really enjoyed his style of writing. In this story, A Sticky Business, Father Peligrino, a young priest, spends his life trying to figure out why some innocent people died, such as a little girl gathering wood, yet a mob boss survived by what some would call a miracle. It affects Father Peligrino’s faith as he tries to find the answer to his question. Some of the characters are real and Mr. King does an excellent job bringing them to life. He explains all sides of the debate about whether God exists and if there is something after we die and does a pretty good job of being unbiased and waits until the end to give his opinion on the subject. Following this story are more short stories centered on the same subject as the first one. I enjoyed reading the opinions given throughout the stories and it certainly did make me think, although it didn’t shake my faith. As read on my ereader, it formatted well and the cover was beautiful and grabbed my attention. This is definitely worth reading.