Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Fallen - Ravek Hunter

                The Fallen, written by Ravek Hunter, is the first novel in the World of Atlantis series that is filled with magic, deceit, romance and intrigue. There is some sex but not enough to bother someone who doesn’t like to have a raunchy romance read in their books.
                Young Eselt is betrothed to the much older Duke of Tintagel and is happy to do so until she falls deeply in love with Drystan, the Temple Knight, whom the duke sent to escort Eselt to him at his castle so that they can be wed. A sordid affair starts with a lot of sneaking around and secret meetings. Unfortunately for them, someone who has a strong dislike for one of them decides to try and destroy their lives. In another aspect of the storyline, Aja is a healer that helps Eselt recover from an illness during her journey to the duke but it’s soon found out that doing good is not what Aja’s true intentions really are. By the end of the book, there is a very interesting twist that will lead to, hopefully, the next book in the series.
                My first suggestion for anyone about to read this book is that they flip to the back of the book and take a look at the Glossary and Cast list. There are a fair number of characters and this list will help the reader keep everyone in order. I originally picked this book up because I loved the cover and I thought that the story with a Temple Knight and a princess would make a good guilty pleasure read. The book does start a little slowly and I found the love story part of it to be a bit boring and it seemed to take up a lot of the story. I think the main reason I felt this way is that I enjoyed all of the other parts so much. The mystery surrounding Aja had a great twist and the addition of dwarves, leprechauns and other mystical creatures really added to the story. It is a really interesting world that Mr. Hunter has created and a lot of thought has, obviously, gone into developing it. I really look forward to reading the next book in the series and finding out what happens to Drystan, Eselt and the others in the World of Atlantis.
                I read this in digital format and it transferred to my ereader perfectly.

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