Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Megan's Munchkins - Pamela Foland

Megan’s Munchkins is the first book in Pamela Foland’s children’s series, Megan’s World. This is a great little series for children starting out reading chapter books or around the grades of 4 to 6. There aren’t any illustrations so if that’s something a child is interested in or if they need pictures to refer to as an aid to help them read, then this may not be the book for them. However, the story is very applicable to children and would be of particular interest to kids with a love for animals.
                The main character, Megan, finds some orphaned new-born kittens and decides to take them home and look after them. She keeps this a secret from her parents because members in the family have pet allergies and therefore there has always been a rule that no pets are allowed. The book follows Megan as she researches how to raise the kittens, how she must hide them from her parents, and how she deals with the aftermath of their discovery.
                I love finding a book for young children that not only provides an interesting story but can also teach them something. Megan’s Munchkins is exactly that kind of book. Megan is a well written and believable character that realistically represents the emotions and thoughts of someone in this age group. The book touches on learning responsibility, being truthful and even a bit about budgeting. One of the things I like about the Megan’s World Series is how supportive Megan’s family is of each other, even when someone does something that may not have been the best decision. In fact, all of the characters are much the same way and I think this is a wonderful aspect to have in a children’s series.
                I read the second book in the series first and I have to say that this first book is better although I think a child would benefit from reading the series in order and discovering Megan’s world and family that way. This is truly an enjoyable book.
                I read this in digital format and it worked well on my ereader. The cover is absolutely adorable, especially for cat lovers.

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