Friday, 1 November 2013

Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism

                Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism is an interesting look at not only Hinduism but the culture of of India as well. At first the book seems quite daunting with over sixty chapters but as I got into it I found the pages flying by. The chapters are very short and written in layman’s terms. Never preachy, the basics of Indian culture and Hindu religion are laid out in a format that makes it easy and interesting to read. Everything, from where the word “Om” that is used while meditating comes from to what the red dot practicing ladies of Hindu often wear on their foreheads means. I did find at times the author to be a bit condescending in what he wrote, particularly Chapter Thirty-One about Heaven and Hell. His idea that Hinduism is the only correct belief and that there is no Heaven and Hell solely because his religion says it doesn’t exist became a bit irritating but that is a part of the beauty of this book-it’s all up for debate. There’s also a great chapter about reincarnation that I found particularly interesting, especially the two cases the author writes about. This is the ideal book for someone who loves reading about different religions and one of the best, well written books about any religion I have ever read.

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