Monday, 31 March 2014

Heaven is in Your Future

                Heaven Is In Your Future is a spiritual book that looks at the idea that there is actually a hidden meaning in the bible saying that all the souls on Earth will go to Heaven, not just a select few. Each chapter in the book begins with some scripture from various bible versions that are then followed by questions about the scripture and answers. These aren’t the usual Christian bible study type questions that are often asked about scripture, instead they tend to dig deeper and expand the ideas written in the bible. The writing is very in-depth and, for me, makes quite a bit of sense along with providing comfort. Due to the fact that the material is fairly “meaty”, the format is perfect because it is set up that you can read a chapter at a time and give yourself time to think about the ideas suggested rather than keep reading onward. The editing is also done extremely well. The cover is perfect for the contents of the book as it shows a stairway to Heaven. I enjoyed this book although it did take me longer than usual to read due to the in-depth content. I found it much more comforting than the usual held beliefs of some religions today. It is well worth reading by anyone looking to expand and stretch their spiritual outlook.

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