Thursday, 18 December 2014

Chrissie's Run

                Chrissie’s Run is one of the best young adult books I’ve read all year. It fits in with the new popularity of dystopian based novels where the young must fight to survive. In Chrissie’s futuristic world, she becomes pregnant by her boyfriend, Jason, and when forced to plan for an abortion because her baby is shown to have abnormalities on the scans, Chrissie makes a run for it. She hopes to find a place called Haven, a mysterious area where things are much better than her current world. On her journey she finds out that her baby is very special and therefore protectors are sent to help her reach safety as well as save her from the Closers who are basically government assassins. This is a fast paced book that will keep readers constantly turning the pages. Chrissie starts as a typical sixteen year old (as typical as someone living in that world could be) but she grows up quickly and learns to become a warrior in order to protect her son. All of the characters are very well written and enjoyable, even if it’s to enjoy hating them. There are a few twists and turns that will teach the reader not to trust any of the characters in the book. The book read perfectly on my ereader and the cover, with its picture of a jackrabbit, will make sense once you start reading. I truly hope there will be more books telling the rest of Chrissie’s and her son, Daniel’s, story.

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