Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Blue Journal - L.T. Graham

                The Blue Journal is an erotic mystery that centers around the murder of Elizabeth Knoebel, a member of high society who is unhappily married to a respected surgeon and has a few lovers, both male and female, on the side. She isn’t the most pleasant woman and uses group therapy to humiliate other affluent wives, some of whom have husbands she is sleeping with. To add to her nastiness she is keeping an explicit journal about her sexual exploits. The question Detective Anthony Walker is trying to answer is who of all Elizabeth’s numerous enemies hated her enough to commit murder. The author, L.T. Graham, fleshes out each character in a way which makes them seem realistic, exploring everyone’s lives and their secrets yet never giving away who the killer is until the end of the book. The main character, Detective Walker, is likeable as well as believable. The erotic parts of the book, Elizabeth’s journal, are explicit yet tastefully written. The story kept my interest, wasn’t confusing even though there are many characters, and gave a satisfying ending. I read The Blue Journal on my ereader and the editing and formatting worked well. The cover, in my opinion, was enticing for the subject matter and had a tasteful yet sexy look. I enjoyed the format of the book with the journal represented in a different font in the book. This was an entertaining read.

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