Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday, Sunday - Fenton Grace

                Monday, Sunday is a disturbing erotic novel about a young widow who lusts after a teenage boy at the same time that she is dating his father. The events unfold over only a few days but a lot happens. I enjoyed the style of writing and the character development was really well done. The story moved along quickly and read easily. The problem for me was the whole concept of a grown woman leading on a teenage boy, and Laney very much does just that. I realize it does happen but I just found parts of the storyline to be quite off-putting and felt like I needed a shower after I finished reading them. The main character, Laney, is a horrible human being who is incredibly vain and unlikeable. Christopher, the teenage boy, is not much better although his actions and behaviours are realistically written as those of a disturbed young man. The fact that the relationships, apart from Laney and Chris’s, are so well written makes it hard for me to completely dislike this book. If it were most any other erotic book I would probably have loved it but the storyline was too much for me. I read the digital version and it read well on my ereader. The cover is fine as well although it was the title that drew my attention. I’ll probably check out another book by this author because overall I like the style of writing.

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