Thursday, 9 July 2015

Kill the Lights - David Wahlberg

                A young woman is found raped and murdered at Fatman’s Cove in Malibu which causes concern for Ty Malone and his group of tenants from the property he manages which is actually a front for a bunch of good hearted small time crooks. They pride themselves on looking out for those who can’t look out for themselves and righting wrongs. Reading this much within the first few pages made me think this was going to be a novel I could really sink my teeth into but the more I read the more I found myself losing interest. Kill the Lights is one of those books where the author seems to have so many ideas that he wants to get into the story that the main idea gets a bit watered down. Had this book only been about the murdered girl or sweatshops or even the cut throat world of fashion, I would have loved it but, for me, there was too much going on. The author’s knowledge of the setting in California made the area really come alive and helped me visualize a place that I have never seen. I liked how the characters were written even though Ty was not particularly likeable for me. I read this in digital format and it translated well to my ereader. The cover is attractive and did catch my eye. This wasn’t my favorite book but the author’s style is one I like so I will be sure to look for other books written by him.

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