Thursday, 7 April 2016

Oedipussy - Solomon Deep

                It was the cover of Oedipussy as well as the odd name that drew me to reading this book. I’m not particularly a fan of grunge music but the idea of a coming of age story set in the ‘90s sounded like a good read. Todd is almost out of high school and his sole dream in life is to be part of a famous grunge band and tour the world with his girlfriend by his side. The first half of the book is about just that and I can’t say that the writing style really held my interest. It’s heavy on the music side of things, a bit of adolescent sex, and not too big on character development. About half way through, there’s a major twist in the story that is somewhat easy to figure out but from that point on I found that the story really picked up. Todd’s character becomes more fleshed out and his relationship with others is interesting. Without giving anything away, Todd’s growth as he tries to realize his dream and deal with his reality makes for interesting reading and the book was much better reading. A pure music fan will probably enjoy the entirety of the book because they’ll appreciate Todd’s obsession with his music. The digital form of the book worked well on my ereader. As I said above, the cover definitely draws the eye to it.

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