Sunday, 19 June 2016

Yearnings :Rendezvous - Randy Lee White

                Yearnings: Rendezvous is a short story collection of fourteen easy-to-read stories that are both entertaining and thought provoking. Each is only a few pages so it would make for a great beach read. In each one, a decision is made to satisfy (or not to satisfy) a yearning, and consequences, sometimes drastic ones, follow. It’s interesting to ponder what you would do as you read the book. A lot of the stories deal with overcoming the desire to do something that is desperately desired even if the character knows things may not turn out in a positive light. The author also cautiously adds an asterisks to stories that are deemed to have adult content such as abuse (although it’s not too graphic), drinking, religion, etc. Nothing is particularly unsettling though. All of the stories are just enjoyable entertainment. Mr. White even retells a couple of fables/fairy tales which were fun to read. Overall, this is a fast and fun read. I read this in digital format and it read well on my ereader. The cover is both pretty and attractive.

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