Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself - David L. Wallace

                Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself is a children’s book meant for kids ages six to ten. It’s an adventure story about a little floppy eared rabbit named Ralphy who wants nothing more than to find a home and have somebody to love him. A little girl named Marta falls in love with him at the pet store and, against her parents’ better judgement, takes him home. The adventure starts when Oscar, a stray cat, comes to live at the home and turns out to be a bad seed that wants to be top pet.
                One of the hard things about reviewing a children’s book is that it is difficult to write about what sort of characters there are because the books are so short to read. Mr. Wallace manages to make all of the characters, in particularly the animals, very individual and also very realistic. It is very easy to compare them to everyday people. Ralphy is the outcast and feels out of place because of his floppy ears. Oscar Is the misunderstood rebel from the wrong side of the tracks who really just wants to be loved and accepted. Goldie, the gold fish, is the wise friend who tries to help Ralphy regain his place in the house after Ralphy makes a mistake and gets banished to his cage. All of the characters that are expected in a good book are here, only they are in the form of animals. The writing style is perfect for those starting to read chapter books. The vocabulary is appropriate for the age level intended and this makes a great starter book for young readers. There are some great moral lessons in the story as well as a cute little lesson about crossing the road. The ending is sweet and positive.
                I only have a couple of nitpicky issues with the book. There are a few editing mistakes where a word is left out which could throw young readers off. Also, it would be nice if there were more illustrations and those that are there be in colour. I think it would keep a child’s attention better. Overall, this is a well written book that I would gladly give to my young reader to enjoy.
                I read the digital version of this book and it formatted to my ereader well, including the illustrations. The cover is eye catching for young readers.