Friday, 26 January 2018

Messages from Beyond the Veil - Reginald H. Gray

                I was really looking forward to reading Messages from Beyond the Veil because I like to read about spirituality and spirit messages that supposedly provide information about what God is and the concept of Heaven. This book sounded like something I would enjoy. However, it is not easy to read and this is not because of the content but because of the style of writing. I can’t quite put my finger on why I found the flow of the text to be a bit stilted but, for me, it made sticking with the book a bit difficult. The information is quite in-depth and spiritual but the style of writing made finishing the book that much harder. This isn’t to say that I didn’t find Messages from Beyond the Veil interesting because if you enjoy this sort of book then it has a lot of interesting concepts and thoughts.
                The idea behind this book is that a group of men and women who, in the 1930s, met regularly to discuss spirituality, one day discovered that they were being contacted by entities known as Messengers who over the next few years told them about what happens after death, what our lives are really meant to be, who or what God is, and many other ideas. Throughout the book, actual writings from the individuals in the group, as told to them by the Messengers, appear in italics. Explanations from the authors of this book are interspersed in between these messages. There are a lot of interesting concepts, such as one that says life on Earth is merely an illusion and what is beyond life is our real existence. Also, evil is not a result of the devil but comes from poor life choices. There is a lot of emphasis put on free will and our being in control of our own fate. A couple of sections that I really enjoyed were the role of Jesus and another that talked about various things in our everyday life and how best we should live in order to achieve the highest enlightenment we can from life on Earth. The author also added, in a chapter about death, a beautiful sermon regarding the end of life that was said for King Edward VII at his funeral.
                This is a great book for those who enjoy exploring spirituality and aren’t strictly bible followers, whom it may offend. It is a bit difficult to read but worth the effort.
                I read the book on my ereader and it formatted well. The cover had a mysterious feel which fit the content of the book perfectly.

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