Monday, 2 September 2013

Beneath the Veil

                I am so happy I picked up Beneath the Veil to read because it turned out to be one of the best supernatural horror books I’ve ever read. Filled with blood, gore and lots of nasty creatures, it provides tons of frighteningly good fun.
                Barry is a successful stone sculptor who is dying from a terrible disease that can only be cured by having a blood marrow transplant from a relative. The problem is that Barry is adopted so must find his family. He does some research and finds a strange family history that leads him to an even stranger town that time has forgotten. Most of his ancestors died at an early age and the most recent ones just disappeared. He decides to investigate and travels to the ghost town with his sister, Jen and her boyfriend, Jackson. It all goes downhill for them from the moment they drive into town boundaries. Scary zombie-like ghosts rip people apart, decrepit houses that look ready to fall down during the day appear in all their original glory once the sun goes down, and then there’s Willow who is a strange little girl wandering around. It all combines to make an exciting, scary, bloody horror fest that I could barely put down. A definite must read for horror fans!

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