Friday, 16 May 2014

12 Titanic Lessons for Christians

 I have to admit that the reason I first chose this book to read was due to the title and cover page. A picture of the sinking Titanic with crosses in the distant fog were on the cover which caught my attention and the title hooked me. I had to know how the author would use the Titanic to teach Christian values to readers. After reading the book, I have to say that he did manage to do it, although some of the ideas are a bit too preachy for my taste. The author sets the book up into twelve lessons, each starting with the historical information in the lesson and then a section about how it pertains to Christian values and beliefs. It ends with some scripture that coincides with the lesson. The author often adds other “modern day parallels”, as he calls them. The historical aspect of this book was very interesting because I’ve always had an interest in the Titanic and the author seems to have done his homework. I also often enjoyed the scripture and Christian lesson and could see how he brought them together. This book is great for someone who enjoys history as well as religion. There are a few very minor editing problems but nothing that interfered with the book. I read it on my ereader and the format worked very well. Overall it was definitely a different type of book to read as well as interesting.

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