Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Bed

                The Bed is a delightful play written by Nikos Vlachos that follows the span of a marriage between a struggling artist and his trust-fund wife. Each act represents a different snapshot of their marriage with the one constant being the marriage bed that the husband had given his wife on their wedding night. Every scene is centered around the bed as the audience (or in my case, the reader) watches these two people fight to keep a marriage that neither are really sure should have ever happened in the first place. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Bed even though it is actually a play. It was very easy to picture it being performed because the characters are so well written and the conversations realistic. The author provides an appendix with suggestions of how various acts would be performed, a list of props and, most of all, a picture of the bed. The format is that of a play but still worked fine on my ereader as does the editing. The cover suits the play with its picture of a man and woman in silhouette. This is a great read and I’d love to see the play being performed.

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