Friday, 25 July 2014

Tropical Ecstasy

                Tropical Ecstasy is the true story of the author’s return to Brazil after a twenty-five year absence. The book is written in diary form which I really enjoyed because it helped me feel like I was right there on the trip with him. This is not really a story about the culture of Brazil so much as it is about Mr. Weeks’ free-spirited look at his past and present. He visits places he had been to twenty-five years before and writes about the changes over that time. At times I would have liked to have read more about the Brazilian culture and less about Mr. Weeks’ reminiscences but this is the author’s story, not a guide book to Brazil. I originally picked this book to read because of my interest in Brazil as the host of the World Cup but Mr. Weeks opened my eyes to the other wonders, some good and some bad, of this beautiful country. This is a very interesting book that shows a beautiful country through the eyes of someone who writes of the changes that inevitably happen over a quarter of a century. The formatting and editing worked well on my ereader. I wish there had been some pictures but the cover of the book shows a beautiful Brazilian beach to give the reader a taste of the country.

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