Thursday, 17 July 2014

Kate's Escape from the Billable Hour

                Kate’s Escape from the Billable Hour is a fun chic-lit book that is perfect to put in your beach bag. Kate is a young lawyer trying to work her way to the top. To the detriment of her health and social life, she works a huge amount of billable hours in hopes of getting a large bonus. When that doesn’t work out, she decides, on a whim, to take a trip to Barcelona in hopes of finding an exchange student she fell in love with as a teenager. The story really takes off from there into a hilarious tale of mishaps and mix-ups that eventually result in a happy, yet predictable, ending. The character of Kate is wonderfully written, lots of fun and easy to laugh at because I can see so much of myself in her. The author does an excellent job of writing believable characters and a story that has the reader cheering on Kate as she tries to find love. The editing and formatting worked perfectly on my ereader and the cover was great, very appealing to my eye. This was definitely lots of fun to read.

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