Thursday, 3 July 2014

Baseball Dads

                I can’t say that I was really excited when I picked out this book to read. Based solely on the cover, I assumed it was only about baseball, a sport that I find about as entertaining as watching grass grow. However, I was in for a wonderful surprise from pretty much the first page. This story follows a group of friends who all have kids playing in Little League baseball and agree on how much they despise the coach. They decide to take matters into their own hands and when that works, why not take care of some other nuisances as well? This has to be one of the bloodiest books I have ever laughed so hard at and, believe me, it is brutally violent by places. This is a dark, dark comedy but I found it so compelling that I pictured the actors I would cast in the movie version which I hope happens at some point. It’s not your typical beach read if you want something light and fluffy but I took it with me to the beach and ended up reading parts to my husband because I was laughing so much out loud. The author basically wrote a book about the things we all really think at one point or another but won’t admit to….except maybe the raccoon part and probably everything that Russ does or says. This book is great and I’m so glad I picked it up. The editing and formatting worked well on my ereader. The cover, as I said at the beginning, didn’t catch my eye and made me think it was all about baseball. It was only on closer inspection that I saw the blood dripping off the bat and I figured it was twisted enough for me. Superb!!

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