Monday, 18 August 2014

Forever Zombie

Forever Zombie: A Collection of Undead Guy Tales is a small but fantastically funny collection of short stories about how everyday life would be if zombies were a fact of life. Each story takes a tongue-in-cheek look at different situations where the zombie “infection” has taken hold of society. There’s the man who brings his elderly parents into his home to look after him and the situation goes from bad to deadly. The rookie EMT on a ride-along with a crazy veteran ambulance driver who has his own motto used against him. One of my favorites involves a rich couple who have no time for their daughter so they buy her a disturbing “toy”. I took this book with me to the beach and got some strange looks when I laughingly told my husband how much I enjoyed dead people. This is a very funny book, both relaxing and enjoyable. The cover is fantastic and made me interested in picking the book up. It had perfect formatting and editing for my ereader. I can’t wait to read more of Mr. Swanson’s work.

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