Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What the Hand

                What the Hand is not your typical book about the end of the world. It takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how humans have destroyed the world through various means and what happens to them when the Book of Revelations comes true. George is the main character who is left behind when his daughter is taken by the Rapture. The book is told from George’s point of view as he ponders his past sins while living in the outskirts of Heaven. The book flashes back to the past as George dwells on everything he has done wrong on Old Earth. This is probably one of the best satirical novels I have ever read. It explores politics, religion, the greed of big money and many other subjects that lead to a person’s downfall. However you do not have to have an interest or know a lot about any particular subject because the author presents it in an amusing format that makes it very entertaining. I have no interest in politics but even found those sections of the book amusing. It is black humour and rather dark reading at times but that is to be expected when reading a book about the end of the world. I found it funny with a lot of subtle truths in what the author writes about. The format and editing worked very well on my ereader and the cover drew me in. This is a perfect book for anyone who enjoys dark humour and great satire.

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