Monday, 7 December 2015

The House Guest - Deborah L. Norris

                The House Guest is a book that explores many ideas but in such a way that none ever become the main focal point and all remain equally important. In most books this wouldn’t work but in The House Guest everything intertwines nicely, never becoming confusing, monotonous or “preachy”. I enjoyed the setting and time period which is a rooming house in the 1950s. It’s run by the main character, Maggie, a widow trying to raise her daughter on her own but luckily has a strong support group consisting of a unique group of characters who each contribute greatly to Maggie and Jenna’s lives. There’s Lee, an outspoken and obnoxious neighbour who represents the prejudice of the era. Anna is the gentle grandmother type who suffers a tragic loss but exhibits poise and kindness through it all. Noah is the mysterious man who shows Maggie she can love again. Many more interesting people make up the cast of characters that all come together to tell a beautiful story about how people become a family whether blood related or not. There’s even a bit of a mystery although, much like real life, it isn’t solved to my satisfaction. I read this on my ereader and it formatted well. The cover is as relaxing to look at as the book is to read. It’s like coming home, relaxing and satisfying.