Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Switch-a-wish - M.B. Earnheardt

Switch-a-Wish is not just an adult version of Freaky Friday, the classic book and movie about a mother and daughter who switch bodies and learn lessons about each others lives. This book uses that basic premise but the author beautifully tells the story of a married couple who have drifted apart, are on the cusp of divorce, and each resents the other. Chris is a teacher who feels the pressure to bring home money to his wife and kids who always seem to need something new. Amanda resents him, often shows it, and is never interested in having sex. Amanda feels like Chris doesn’t respect her or understand how hard raising the kids really is and it’s taking its toll on their relationship. One night they each wish on a star that the other will have to live how they do and the next morning they wake to find that they’ve switched bodies. The author alternates viewpoints throughout the book between Amanda and Chris. Everything is explored from how Amanda finds Chris’s body achier than her body to how it feels to always be “in the mood”. The book is both amusing and soul searching at times as the couple’s relationship is dissected. It maintains a steady and enjoyable pace. This is a thoroughly entertaining read. I read this on my ereader and it formatted well. The cover is basic but represents the title perfectly.