Monday, 4 January 2016

Frivolous Pursuits - D.C. Farmer

                Frivolous Pursuits is a humorous fantasy novel written by D.C. Farmer that I thoroughly enjoyed even though normally the fantasy genre is not one I would choose to read. It was actually the cover and interesting font used for the title that drew my eye to the book. The main character, Darren, is your average young man with an average job who lives in a house he inherited along with a tidy little nest egg. Unfortunately also living in his house is his shrew of a girlfriend who has a dream of her own of how to spend his money. What is unknown to Darren is that he actually has a special “ability” whereby plastic characters and worlds he creates actually come to life. It’s up to him to save one of these worlds and from there the excitement begins. There are fairies, warriors, and Brownies among many other fantastical characters. The characters are well written and easy to both love and hate. Hands down the most hated is Amanda, so well written as a shrewish, nasty, self-absorbed witch that I hoped for a horrible end for her by the end of the book. The writing is funny and the fantasy world is interesting and well thought out. I sometimes get bored when a book is just about one long quest but the author has more than one storyline in the book so it kept things moving along nicely. The digital version of this book worked well on my ereader. I look forward to reading more from the Hipposync Archives.

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