Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Secrets on Forest Bend - Susan C. Muller

                When I read the synopsis of this book I thought it would be a great supernatural mystery. The prologue set up how Heather becomes a ghost with nasty tendencies in such a way that I settled in for an entertaining ghost-laden mystery. The book proved to be good but the mystery took a back burner to the romance between the two main characters, Adam and Jillian. Adam is the cop investigating murders committed using the same gun and Jillian is the owner of the gun shop the weapon came from. She also happens to have a lot of deaths surrounding her. The book is well written and the characters are well thought out and believable. The story idea about a jealous and destructive ghost is unique enough that it kept my interest throughout.  I just happened to be more interested in the mystery aspect of the book. Had I been as interested in the relationship between Jillie and Adam as I was in the character of Heather, I would have found this to be the perfect read. I read the digital version of this book which formatted well. The cover and title help to pull a reader in. Overall, this is an interesting story.

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