Sunday, 17 January 2016

Devotional:Erotic Stories for the Sensual Mind - Phil Harvey

                Devotional is a collective of nine very short stories that aren’t like the usual erotic stories one might read. There is very little actual sexual activity. Rather the stories are based around the mind games that men and women often play in the build up to the act. For me, this works for some stories and not for others in the anthology. A couple of the stories just left me thinking to myself, “Huh?!” One such story was Devotional but that may be because the whole spanking thing has never been anything I understood. I do enjoy the author’s style of writing. The pace is steady, the characters are surprisingly well rounded for short stories, and the dialogue is believable. If I put out of my mind that it’s supposed to be erotic short stories then I enjoyed the book. My favorite story, Spooking Ralph’s Trout, has very little sexual content in it at all. What I found enjoyable was the interaction between the two characters and that is how the writer keeps my interest in a book that wasn’t quite the erotic anthology I was expecting. I read a digital version of this book on my ereader and it formatted well. The cover is different and quite interesting.