Monday, 30 May 2016

Forbidden Fantasies: Lulu - Markus S. Fredericks

                Forbidden Fantasies: Lulu is a book about exactly what the title suggests. The main character is Oscar, a middle-aged father in a boring marriage who plays at being a photographer while his wife brings home the actual money. He meets his new next door neighbor from Britain and begins to fantasize about her. The problem is that she is only fifteen. She also starts a relationship with his daughter. It’s a very convoluted situation. I believe it’s supposed to be a bit reminiscent of the classic erotic novel Lolita but other than being about a middle aged man with pedophile tendencies, there are few similarities. The erotic parts often seem to be written by a teenage boy in the throes of puberty.  The dialogue is not at all believable. Any British people I know really don’t use the stereotypical words and phrases that Lulu and her family use and it tends to take away from the story. Oscar, the father, is so unlikeable that when, at one point, he has a life threatening situation I was hoping he would not make it and just die. I guess I expected something different and instead just found it to be a book about a dirty old man with fantasies that I don’t think normal fathers would have about their daughter’s girlfriend. At one point he watched them together sexually and it was truly disgusting. It was definitely not what I expected.  The cover fit the theme of the book and the digital format worked well on my ereader.

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