Sunday, 22 May 2016

I Am Enough - Cheryl Miguel

                If this were a book of fiction I would be very disappointed in the characters and probably wouldn’t even like them very much. Instead this is the true story of one woman’s struggles dealing with the devastating disease of lupus. It is a very sad story as well as an eye opening one because I hadn’t realized how debilitating lupus can be to one’s life. The author writes about her life before and after the diagnosis, the people in her life who essentially become her caregivers, such as her daughters, and how she finally came to accept her illness. I saw myself in her a lot as I’ve also had a life altering illness, but it was the way that she constantly saw herself as the victim and how she treated others that made this book very hard to read. When one boyfriend informs her off his cancer diagnosis early on in the book, it seems as if she is much more concerned about how it will impact her life and not how he is dealing with the information. It’s things like this that makes this book one more about how not to act rather than how to deal with illness. I do like the style of writing. It’s fast and easy to read and the author writes with a nice flow. There are personal photos included which make it enjoyable to put faces with names in the book. I did enjoy reading this as it did leave me much more aware of how horrible lupus is as a disease. I read this in digital format and it worked well on my ereader, including very clear pictures. The cover is very eye-catching and lends a personal touch to the book.