Saturday, 16 July 2016

Korian and Lucy - Zoe Kalo

                Korian and Lucy is a great companion short story to the book Daughter of the Sun. To truly enjoy this story, the reader needs to first read Daughter of the Sun and discover the character of Trinity. Korian and Lucy are Trinity’s parents and don’t appear in the first book at all but play a large part in the story. They are Trinity’s parents and this short story tells of how they meet and their struggle with Lucy’s curse. It’s easily read in one sitting and it may be nice to have it and Daughter of the Sun or the next book in the series, if available, with you to read at one time. Korian and Lucy explains a lot about the mystery surrounding Trinity’s parentage that is introduced and is a theme throughout Daughter of the Sun. Even though it is very short, this author has a way about her writing that still manages to give the characters life and dimension. As a reader, you get a sense of how fun loving and free Lucy feels when with Korian and how much Korian loves Lucy. I love the style of writing that this author has and she manages to make the story entertaining and a page-turner without resorting to using gruesome and graphic violence. I really recommend this series and look forward to the next book.

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