Friday, 15 July 2016

The Resume Design Book - Matthew T. Cross

                I chose this book to read because I soon may be ready to write my own resume and haven’t done one in almost twenty years. Admittedly, this book is geared towards twenty-somethings leaving college and entering the professional world for the first time but I figured I could tweak it to fit my situation. It is really a fun little “work book” that has lots of little exercises that, if the reader follows them all from beginning to end, should result in a finished resume. It’s written in a humorous style and not at all dry like most work books so often are. There are cute little illustrations throughout which add lightheartedness to the book. The author also provides some internet links throughout the book that are quite helpful to someone new to the workforce. Links to websites that give samples of resumes, access to people who will edit your resume, and video tutorials to help with getting feedback on your finished resume, add to the helpfulness of this book.  I did find some of it seemed to be written in a bit of a juvenile way but maybe I am just too old and this is what appeals to young people now. Essentially, everything a person will need to write a good resume is provided in this book and it’s done in an entertaining and humorous manner. I read this book on my ereader and everything, including pictures, formatted well. The editing and grammar were also perfect. The cover is quite entertaining and ties in well with the mood of the book. I think this would be quite helpful for anyone just starting out writing their first resume. It’s well worth picking up some sticky notes and settling down to complete this book and the resume that will result from reading it.

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