Friday, 23 September 2016

Stranger - Anna Del Mar

                I’m not usually someone who is particularly interested in romance novels. I find them to often be silly and with repetitive story lines. I read the synopsis of Stranger and it sounded like it may actually have some substance to it, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did because I couldn’t put it down. There’s romance but it’s not over the top romance, with a simpering female who needs to constantly be rescued by the heroic male. Instead, Summer, the main female character, is more than able to look after herself and proves it throughout the book. I’m not sure how believable her sleep walking problem is (she has a tendency to do whatever someone tells her to do while sleep walking, including anything sexual) but other than that I found her to be a likeable character. Seth has his own issues as well. He’s a former soldier, covered in burn scars as a result of a helicopter crash during combat that injured and killed fellow soldiers. He’s reclusive and has PTSD and it’s this vulnerability that I found so likeable about him. After all, what woman doesn’t want to know her man can and will fight for her no matter what? There are other characters that are well written too and I think this is probably one of this author’s strong points, her ability to write a variety of characters who are unique individuals and all are believable. I liked them all, whether to be rooting for them or hating them. The story is fast paced and yes, there is sex but it’s very well written and doesn’t overpower the book. Rarely do I want to read more books by a romance author but I will definitely read more written by Anna Del Mar.

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