Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Girl and Her Cat - Denis W. Schulz

                I really need to pay attention to the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” and not choose the next book I read based on the fact that I’m a cat lover and there’s a really adorable one on the cover. The premise sounded good…a 1400 year old immortal heroine stuck in the body of a ten year old girl, a necromancer who is bringing back long dead historical assassins such as John Wilkes Booth, and best of all, a cat named Ingrate. So I was a little surprised when I opened the book and, after a short synopsis that explained the story so far, the book started with Chapter 179. I hadn’t realized this was a continuation of a previous book but often it isn’t necessary to have read prior books. Often a reader can pick up enough of the back story in the current book to follow the story as is written so far, although reading a whole series is much more fun in most cases. This does not pertain to A Girl and Her Cat. I can honestly say that I struggled to understand what was going on the whole way through. It’s written with a unique sense of humour that will most likely be of interest to certain readers but didn’t really entertain me. It is somewhat like the humour of Tim Dorsey or Carl Hiassen, only on steroids. The whole point of the story seems to be stopping the bad guys from putting fleas from the Prophet’s beard into the underpants of a senator. Yes, you read the right. Within the first few pages I was disturbed that a ten year old girl was referred to as being curvaceous. I realize there is a 1400 year old woman inside this little girl’s body but it still seemed very wrong. I know it wasn’t meant in any perverted way but all I could think was….ewwww.
 I enjoy odd humour and I think this author could write some fun and entertaining books if he just reined in the oddness a bit. There were so many characters that I kept getting confused who was whom and I started to forget who was the good guys and who was the bad. I would try reading a different book by Mr. Schulz but not in this series. As I stated above, I love the cover and it certainly did draw me in. The book formatted well to my ereader and the editing was well done.

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