Saturday, 20 August 2016

Blood and Magic - George Barlow

                Blood and Magic is the first book in a new supernatural/fantasy series called the Ink Chronicles and for anyone who enjoys the work of Jim Butcher, this is sure to be a new favorite. I thoroughly enjoyed the book from start to finish and my only problem with it is the cliff-hangar at the end and the fact that now I’ll have to wait for the second book in the series. Blood and Magic tells two stories that at first may seem separate but are actually tied together. One story is told from a human point of view and one from someone who has just found out they are not totally human.
                Alex is a detective on the hunt for a serial killer who has been leaving victims with their throats slashed. The murderer never leaves any evidence or witnesses and there doesn’t seem to be any link between the victims. Henry is a socially awkward lab tech who one day finds himself seeing people’s reflections in a strangely odd way. Some of his colleagues may not be human if their reflections are telling the truth. Unbeknownst to Henry, he is actually an Inquisitor, someone who can see the mutations in people, among other magical skills. In order for Henry to stay alive he needs to learn how to use his new skills and magic and learn to rely on others who are trying to keep him alive.
                This is a fantastic world with a wonderful setting and characters that are lots of fun to read about. The author makes them jump off the page and become real. This would make an amazing movie or TV series. There are quite a few different characters but all are so well written and so unique that it is easy to follow them. I loved this book and am excited to have discovered such a fantastic author. I read the digital form of this book and it formatted to my ereader well. The editing was well done with only a few very minor mistakes. The cover really draws the eye and suits the genre well.

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