Monday, 15 August 2016

The Rabbit Hole - Amiya Powell

                The first thing I need to state is that this is a fairly graphic erotic novel so if erotic content would prohibit someone from reading a book then The Rabbit Hole should probably not be on your reading pile. Often an erotic novel has very little story and is just one erotic encounter after another. The Rabbit Hole was refreshing in that the story is the focus of the book, not the erotic content. The story centers around a secret government society that provides various services, none of which are ethical or legal. In exchange for these services, the government looks the other way as Frankenstein-like experiments are performed on individuals by the mad scientist, Dr. Bragg. Throughout the book the author introduces a variety of characters which, at times, got confusing but they eventually all tie in to each other. The book goes back and forth between characters, telling their past stories and really letting the reader know all about them and their inner thoughts. The author does a great job of making each character very individual and unique, considering there are so many of them. Ms. Powell also manages to make the “bad group” of people in the book seem human even if their actions are horrendous. The pace is fast and keeps the reader wanting more of the story. The erotic scenes are well written and believable but don’t overwhelm the main story. I loved the ending and how certain things were finally explained. The only thing that took away from the book was the lack of paragraphs. There are very few breaks in the text and it makes it very hard on the eyes, especially if the print is of average size. Other than this issue, the editing is well done and the book’s digital version worked well on my ereader. The cover does portray a sense of eroticism but the book is about so much more. The cover may take away from the fact that this is a really good story that is well worth reading.

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