Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cole's Perfect Puppy - Frances M. Crossno

                Cole’s Perfect Puppy is one of the sweetest little books I’ve ever read that is aimed at young children that are starting to read chapter books. It’s a story about a little boy who desperately wants a particular red coated puppy from the pet store but he can’t afford it. He gets a job at the store in hopes of saving enough money to eventually buy the puppy. Of course there are a few hiccups along the way but this is truly a “feel good” story that is all about kindness, the importance of family, and faith. It is, as the author readily states, a Christian book but it is never preachy or overdone. There are some bible quotes and a prayer but they fit nicely in with the story. It’s nice to see faith included in a children’s book and I would love to read this to my little niece or have her read it when she is able to do so. The characters and their relationships with each other are very realistic. I love Cole’s relationship with his brother, Caleb. It’s sweet and shows how two little boys depend on each other even though there may be small squabbles. Cole is a kind little boy who befriends Rachel, a little girl who has her own struggles and is need of a friend. There’s a nice part in the story when Cole wants to sit with Rachel but Caleb warns him off, saying he doesn’t want to be seen with her because others make fun of her. Cole doesn’t listen to Caleb and a lovely friendship blossoms. There are lots of these sorts of teaching moments throughout the book.
                Cole’s Perfect Puppy is the perfect length for those beginning to read chapter books. It’s quite short but still has an entertaining and complete story. There are a few places where the editing should be cleaned up a bit in regards to punctuation and the placement of paragraphs but it formatted to my ereader well and is overall well done. The story may also benefit from a few illustrations scattered throughout the story. The cover is sweet and fits the style of the book.

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