Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Shepherd - Lela K. King

                I know the basics of the bible, the stories that I learned from Sunday school as a child. I’ve never thought about what happened “behind the scenes” so to speak, the story behind all of the characters who we just touch on but never really learn about. Ms. King takes the reader on the journey of a young shepherd’s desire to meet Jesus after his father is one of the shepherds summoned by the angel to go see Jesus in the stable after his birth. The book follows Demas’s life through his trials and tribulations and exhibits how he keeps his faith in Jesus no matter what happens to him. His faith carries him through life and it is beautifully written about. One of the most well written relationships in the book is that of Demas and Joel. Joel betrayed Demas’s family to Herod when they were young and Demas carries the hatred for him throughout his years. In the end, he finds forgiveness for Joel due to his belief in Jesus’s teachings. The whole book is full of these sorts of well written and believable characters and prove what a fine writer Ms. King is. The book is never preachy and doesn’t pound bible references into the reader’s brain. Instead, it is a lovely story that is entertaining and has deep meaning for people who believe in Jesus. By the end, it will reinforce the reader’s faith in God. Ms. King writes about biblical times as if she were actually there and creates it in a very believable way. It is an easy read with a feel-good warmth to it. I would venture to say that even people with no interest in the bible would enjoy the book. I read this on my ereader and it formatted well. The editing is very well done and the cover is quite beautiful. This is well worth reading!