Friday, 3 February 2017

Chameleon - Zoe Kalo

                Chameleon is another fantastic supernatural novel for young adults written by one of my favourite authors, Zoe Kalo. Paloma is a troubled young lady whose parents decide that the best place for her is a boarding school run by some creepily nasty nuns. She falls in with a group of girls who act like they are the mean girls of a college sorority with a leader, Rubia, who is enough to give anybody a set of goose bumps. One of the girls, Adelita, has an imaginary friend that Paloma comes to realize may actually exist as the ghost of a former student who died while attending the school. The girls want Paloma to run a séance so they can contact the ghost and Paloma wants to contact her deceased father. The outcome of this event leads to mysteries within the school being revealed and some tragic results.
                I love Zoe Kalo’s style of writing. Her characters are always so complicated and unique that I find it amazing that the author can come up with them. The setting for this book was one of my favourites. Who doesn’t love a creepy old boarding school with a church and a graveyard? Best of all, one of the punishments for misbehaving at the school is having to scrub clean the old tombstones after class. Dark and creepy is happening all over the place and you have to love it! There’s even an old nun who hauls off students by their ears. I’m not a young adult but I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I know younger readers (and older ones) would as well.

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