Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Expired Listings - D.M. Barr

                Expired Listings is a tongue-in-cheek exaggerated look at the cut-throat world of realtors as they jostle and connive to win sellers’ listings. Set in the fictional community of Rock Canyon, Dana Black is a realtor with a few kinky secrets of her own. She likes to use empty houses that are currently for sale as places for her and her BDSM partner, Dare, to play out “scenes” that usually entail some twisted game where Dare inevitably ends up “punishing” Dana. It’s all fun and games until realtors start going missing and turn up dead. There are numerous possibilities as to who the killer could be or even what the motive may be. The author nicely weaves the characters together into one cohesive story that is fun and entertaining. Dana has trust issues due to a horrible childhood and it doesn’t help that she has the occasional black out. Dana may be the killer and the reader doesn’t really know for sure until the end of the book. She enlists the help of an attractive investigator who she has been interested in for a while but has never approached. Where does that leave her BDSM partner, Dare? That turns out to be quite a twist all in itself and just one of many that the author provides throughout the book.
                The cover of this book, although eye catching, infers that it will be sexually explicit and it does have some erotica in it but nothing too graphic. It is heavy on the BDSM aspect but for me it was just full of information. The author definitely knows her subject matter on this, right down to the language and terminology. I have always wondered how this sort of thing works as I can’t understand why anyone would be interested in it but this book explains a lot of the psychology about it. The author does provide a warning at the beginning of the book regarding the sexual content as well as some points about how realtors work. The best part about this book is the author’s style of writing. It’s fun and easy. If it weren’t for the BDSM, it may even fall into the cozy mystery category. There’s no blood and gore, just a fun and fast-paced mystery. The characters are great and easy to keep track of even though there are quite a few of them. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and fully intend to look for more to read by D.M. Barr.
                I read this on my ereader and it formatted very well.