Monday, 17 April 2017

Sphere - M. Black

                Sphere is the futuristic sequel to a previous novel that I’ve read and reviewed named Exotiqa. I really enjoyed Exotiqa and had high hopes for Sphere. Ms. Black did not disappoint. Sphere is fast paced, exciting, and quite hard to put down once picked up. The key to really enjoying Sphere is having already read Exotiqa. It’s not absolutely necessary but this futuristic world created by M. Black is so intricate and detailed that you really need to have the back story that Exotiqa provides in order to really appreciate Sphere.
                Sphere continues the story about human, Fione and her life like Flexbot friends, Pix and Maci, as they try to survive in an ever changing world where the Flexbots are becoming more aware and conscious of their feelings and emotions. Due to some horrible events in Exotiqa, Fione is no longer truly human. Instead, she is part human, part Flexbot, which is known as Humanbot. Russell Wagner, the brains behind Flexbots and the proverbial evil genius of the book, has a nasty plan that basically would result in the end of humans and Humanbots running the world. There are a lot of twists and turns within the story and the reader never really knows who to trust or who may really be part of Russell’s evil plan. The novel is set in Canada which, for me, is quite nice but it’s also not a huge part of the book. It really could be set anywhere. Place names are only mentioned a few times.
                One of the things I love about this book is how it pertains to issues being played out in the news right now in regard to racial issues. The differences between people, races being pitted against each other and different cultures trying to find ways to exist side by side are all explored in Sphere and would make for perfect reading for those in high school. The story is so entertaining that for a change students may actually want to read the required book for English class. At the end of Sphere, the author has also provided some thought provoking questions for discussion.

                I always enjoy books written by M. Black and Sphere has been added to the list. She creates amazing and believable worlds even though they are set in the future. This is a must read for dystopian lovers, whether you are a young adult or a part of the older generation. Excellent!