Friday, 15 September 2017

Ethereal Entanglements - Lee French

                Ethereal Entanglements is the third novel in the Spirit Knights series written by Lee French. This book continues the story of brand new teenage knight, Clare, and her mentor knight, Justin. In the past two novels, Clare has discovered a bit about her past and why she has been chosen to be a spirit knight. Justin has been trying to teach her but various evils keep getting in the way, just as they do in this current book.
                Before starting this book, it is necessary to have read the previous two books in the series. Unlike a lot of other series, you can’t pick this book up and find out enough about the previous story to continue along. There is no information as to what has happened before in the other books and the reader is dropped right into the story where book two left off. It may also help to read the books close together because, for me, I read them a fair amount apart and completely forgot what was happening in the story. Since there is no information given about the other books, it does become fairly confusing as to some of the story specifics.
                Ethereal Entanglements is geared towards young adults and perhaps pre-teen readers who are a bit stronger with their reading skills. As in the previous books, Ms. French has carried on with the fantastic fantasy world of the Spirit Knights and she has created strong characters that represent both the good and evil in the world. Clare is a well written teenage girl who has had a lot of heart break in the past and is searching for a way to fit in and belong to a family. She’s well rounded and realistically written in regard to the emotions of a girl her age. The other characters are just as fleshed out, including the newly discovered evil who I won’t mention so has not to give anything away.
I love Ms. French’s style of writing and believe that this series will appeal to young readers who have an interest in a fantasy world full of knights, witches, and dragons. The ending was sad but as there is another book to come in the series I’m hoping for a happier resolution to the situation. This series is entertaining and full of action as well as being fairly easy to read for young adults. I look forward to reading the fourth and final instalment in the Spirit Knight series.
                I read this on my ereader and it formatted well. I love the beautiful cover and it definitely draws the eye.

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