Sunday, 24 September 2017

Mid-Life Crisis Diaries - Geraldine Solon

                Mid-Life Crisis Diaries is a book destined to be on a list for best beach reads. It is the type of book you read while sipping from a glass of wine (or your beverage of choice). It is written in the entertaining and fun style that many of Ms. Solon’s books are known for.
                Marsha is the Love Guru and ready to renew her vows to her husband of twenty-five years on national TV. Her husband, however, has other plans and leaves her high and dry, alone and dishevelled, until she runs into her old nemesis, Dr. Lee, a sex therapist. Dr. Lee gives Marsha a makeover and convinces her to take part in an experiment about having a mid-life crisis. Marsha will go and stay for a month in a beautiful tropical location where she will spend time with a pre-selected much younger man named Andre. The idea is to see what will happen between two people at different stages in their lives when they spend time together without any worries and live carefree.
                Ms. Solon always develops some of the best multi-dimensional characters in her books and Mid-Life Crisis Diaries is no exception. Marsha is very relatable to women of a similar age and her inability to completely let go and be adventurous rings true for so many of us. The feelings of confusion she has throughout the book in regards to her husband and what he’s done is what makes the reader really care about having Marsha find happiness. The chemistry between Marsha and Andre almost jumps off the page and the slow burn of their blossoming friendship makes for fantastic reading. I love the fact that Ms. Solon manages to create this romance and make it seem steamy without any blatant sexual description.  Another thing I love about this book is the setting. A tropical paradise is written in such detail that it feels like you are there, smelling the food, feeling the sun, and seeing the sights. It’s a place designed for romance.
                Mid-Life Crisis Diaries is truly a book that is a guilty pleasure and one that I’m not ashamed to say that I really enjoyed. The cover is quirky and catches your attention. I read this in digital form and it formatted well.

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