Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Password Book - Jason McDonald

                The Password Book is the type of book that everyone who uses technology on daily basis should have in their library. In this day and age almost everyone has been affected by internet scams or hacks in some way. As Mr. McDonald points out in the book, it doesn’t have to be directly through a device in your house, it can be through an outside business that has access to one or more of your passwords and/or accounts. I have had a recent experience where a company I dealt with had their client list of passwords stolen and some things were then stolen from me via this hack. Not only did it end up costing me money, it cost the company a lot of money because they had to pay everyone back. This book is key in helping people recognize a scam and try to nip it in the bud before it goes too far.
                Mr. McDonald seems quite passionate about this topic and strives to help everyone manage their passwords and tech life with as few problems as possible. He starts the book by covering how various email scams may occur, how scammers will use your information and email contacts to lure you or your family and friends in, and how to prevent this from happening. He then teaches the reader how to create strong passwords and I love the system that he uses. It’s one that I will definitely be employing.  Mr. McDonald also writes step by step instructions of how to make sure you are as secure as possible on social media sites. At the back of the book he provides a place to keep track of all of your passwords. My favourite part of the book was the appendix which listed some scam resources. It provides a list of websites which will provide more information about all of the hundreds, if not thousands, of scams that now appear on the internet.
The whole book is written in a very easy to read format that is perfect for teenagers to seniors. This is also the updated version of the book so it’s perfect to apply the information to your current social media sites, browsers, and so on.
Mr. McDonald is doing a service to the community by writing this book and trying to raise awareness about scammers. I will definitely be providing both of my senior parents with their own copies. I loved the cover; it’s quite eye catching, and the digital format I read the book on worked perfectly. This is a very well written and excellent book!

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