Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Amazon Echo Show - CJ Andersen

                I’m not a very “techy” person. I don’t hate technology; rather I actually enjoy many of the new gadgets that are out there. The ones I have problems with are those that talk back to me and considering how much I argue with the Bluetooth lady in my car, I’m not sure how well Alexa and I would get along. My better half feels otherwise so that is how I found myself reading this guide about how to use the Amazon Echo Show and hoping that I can become boss over Alexa.
                Amazon Echo Show is honestly one of the most well written user guides that I have ever read. Mr. Andersen has managed to turn rather dry material into something that is easy to read and, for a technology guide, rather interesting. He starts from the beginning when you open the box of your new Amazon Echo Show and he writes about exactly what to expect and what should be included in the box. From there he gives very detailed instructions about how to set up the Echo. This is one of the things I liked about this guide. It is quite short, only one hundred and eleven pages on my tablet, but it is very detailed and organized. However, as detailed as it is, the instructions are still very easy to understand, no matter how technologically illiterate you may be.
There are times when Mr. Andersen tends to veer off in a different direction that doesn’t always involve using the Echo. For example, he writes about the relationship between Amazon Echo and Google and YouTube. There is some correlation to how to use the Echo but it also doesn’t seem to be a necessity to have in the guide. For me though, I found all of the author’s tidbits quite interesting. There are lots of links that can be accessed straight from the digital copy which is quite convenient. There are also lots of pictures that will help the reader understand better the instructions that they are following. Finally, Mr. Andersen provides his email address so that if you still have any questions after reading the user guide you can email him. This shows me how much interest he takes in his readers.
                This is a wonderful user’s guide for all ages to read and well worth buying if and when you invest in the Echo Show.
I read this in digital format and it worked well. The cover was bright and enticing.

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