Saturday, 23 December 2017

Paulie Zahn Vampire Huntress - E.M. Sorensen

                I really wanted to like this book. It sounded like it had everything that I enjoy in a guilty pleasure book; vampires, a strong heroine, and lots of supernatural action. Unfortunately, within the first few chapters, I could tell that I was going to find the main character, Paulie, to be one of the most unlikeable ones that I have ever encountered in a book. I think the author was trying to create a heroine that would be the type of person we all would like to be; strong, intelligent and successful. Instead, Paulie came across to me as arrogant, narcissistic and so unlikeable that when she got bit by the Rogue, I hoped she’d end up dead just so I didn’t have to read about her ego anymore. It’s okay for me to not like the main character if that is the intent of the author, however, I don’t think that is Mr. Sorensen’s intention here.  There also aren’t really any other characters that I particularly took an interest in. I really can’t say why because most are somewhat developed but none really grabbed my attention.
                The story itself had a good basis and the back story of how these particular vampires feed and survive is unique and entertaining. It is quite detailed and the author seems to have put a lot of work into creating this world. The problem for me is in the lack of likeability of the characters and the lack of realism in how they spoke and acted. The character of Lisa in particular had dialogue that left me shaking my head at the ridiculousness of it. As well, there is a lot of information about motorcycles and helicopters. For me, this sort of reading will put me asleep and it’s not something I would choose to read. Finally, the editing needs a lot of work. Words are misspelled and punctuation is missing or in the wrong place. It really needs to be worked on to make the book flow a bit more smoothly. I can’t say I wouldn’t read another book in the Purloined Pint series because I do think there is the backbone for a really good series. It just needs a few tweaks here and there.

                I read this in digital format and it worked well. The cover is good and fits the genre.

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