Thursday, 29 August 2013


                The year is 2095 and the world is a very different place due to deadly diseases that wiped out various parts of the population, severe climatic changes, and huge advances in technology. One thing that stayed the same is the human need for love and companionship which is what this book is about. It explores the various relationships between a variety of characters that are all tied to each other in one way or another. The main love story seems to be that of Pierre and Isabelle. Pierre is a cult-like figure who preaches ways to make life more enjoyable even though the world is in constant flux. Isabelle is a pretty journalist who is being pursued by Julian, an acclaimed singer. To be honest I really never liked any of the characters. Possibly due to the editing, I found it hard to follow the story and therefore never really got to know the characters. In my opinion, there were far too many to keep track of anyway. I enjoyed the author’s ideas about what the future would look like and I really enjoyed the beginning of the book. A story set in the future that dealt with human relationships as opposed to futuristic war battles sounded great but the numerous characters and the jumping around of the storyline meant that the story never really panned out for me. By the end, the only love story I enjoyed was between a man and his life-like robot. I really wanted to enjoy this book but never really found it able to hold my interest.

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