Thursday, 29 August 2013

Obviously I Suck!

As the title says, I suck at this whole blog thing but in my defense a series of unfortunate events led to my not writing a new one in roughly 7 months. First, the cord to my laptop died which led me to no computer. Since new cords cost more than my old beater lappie is worth I waited a long time before I found a guy who makes them and got one for a third of retail price. Then summer came. When you live in a place with literally 5-6 months of snow summer becomes pretty damn important. I give up my summer for no one or nothing. I read oodles (I think I made that word up) and did reviews but didn't post them due to another reason which will follow. I'll get those reviews up here within the next few days. I want to put them up in separate posts because if an other takes all that time to write a book (whether it's excellent or shredded and used for kitty litter) I can give them their very own blog post.The final reason is that I completely forgot everything about my blog, from the email address to the password. I have severe short-term memory loss, so bad that I have to carry sticky notes with me and write down things, such as "go turn off oven". If I didn't write it down, I would walk to the kitchen and do something else that slid into my mind. The doctors think this is what is commonly called "chemo brain" and mine is more severe because of my bad reaction to chemo. I have a huge notebook filled with everything I write down about different aspects of my life. It really irritates me because pre-cancer I had a memory like a steel trap. Now it's like a sea sponge. So I apologize profusely to all those wonderful writers who trusted me with their work. I am getting things done now!

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