Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Mayan Papryus

                 The Maya Papyrus, written by Richard Coady, immerses the reader into the age of the great line of kings that made Egypt so famous. A hefty book at six hundred and fifty-nine pages on my ereader I was initially a bit daunted by it but as soon as I started it I found the story so engrossing that I could barely put the book down. The story centers on a conniving woman, Thuya, who greedily wants to control the royalty of Egypt and through the years she does just that, often manipulating her husband and children into helping her. Also a part of the story is the tyrannical reign of Akhenaten who feels himself a god, and his beautiful wife Nefertiti.
                This is a book filled with murder, mystery, romance and revenge. The story draws the reader in and keeps them spellbound with the details of how life was lived three thousand years ago. The research that obviously went into this book is superb and brings Egypt and its people to life. This story will be loved by those who have studied ancient history as well as anyone looking for a thrilling family saga.

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